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The One World Music Festival is aimed at promoting the unity of cultures, races, and religions. In doing so, we encourage communities to come together to express themselves in a celebration of music and arts.
Artist: C'est Si Bon
from Piaf to Jazz… The Word on C’est si Bon… “Through the years World on Stage has hosted numerous performing groups from France. Angela Rossi's wonderful voice and presentation compares with the finest
French singers we have hosted from France.”

Artist: Leonor and Istvan Dely
Daughter of musicians, wife of a musician, mother of musicians, she has made music, breathed music, lived music since early childhood but never made a living out of it. Born from Afro Colombian father and Amerindian mother in the valleys of the Andes in Central Colombia, educated in Bogotá and settled for the past 25 years on the Caribbean Coast, her music rightfully incarnates the rich tri-ethnic diversity of Colombia, the Caribbean and the whole of South America.

Artist: The Paperboys
The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist and songwriter Tom Landa. The band currently consists of Landa, Kendel Carson on fiddle, Brad Gillard on banjo and bass, Geoffrey Kelly on flutes, and Matt Brain on drums. Occasional guests include Cam Salay on banjo and bass, Damian Graham on drums, Tobin Frank on bass and accordion, and Vince Mai on trumpet.

Artist: Marc Berthoumieux
Marc Berthoumieux en concert avec Dee Dee Bridgewater à New York : The New York Times - "...The accordionist Marc Berthoumieux brings a sophisticated, jittery jazz elaboration of the sound of French chanson into the mix..."

Artist: Mark Latimer
Mark Latimer is an English pianist. His repertoire consists of over 75 performed piano concertos, including the mammoth Concerto for Piano and Chorus by Busoni and the Alkan Concerto for solo piano, of which he made the first live recording. He is also a composer and has had numerous works performed and recorded.

Artist: Bob Bellows
Named "Robert Brusen" when he was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Bob Bellows' parents wasted no time with his musical education. At the age of four his father sat him on a piano bench and said, "Play!" He has been playing and singing ever since. First in his hometown, and now all over the world!

Artist: Randy Armstrong
Hailed by the Boston Globe as a "sure-fingered guitar virtuoso" Randy Armstrong is the co-founder of DOAH WORLD MUSIC ENSEMBLE and UNU MONDO. With a collection of over two hundred instruments from around the world, including acoustic, synthesizer and nylon-string guitars, sitar, balofon, djembe, koto, charango, mbira and a wide variety of percussion and stringed instruments, he has amazed audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska, and India.

Artist: World Unity Jazz Ensemble
The Phil Morrison Trio featuring Keith Williams is not your typical jazz trio. What distinguishes this group from others are the fresh arrangements given to traditional jazz standards; the strong vocals of pianist, Keith Williams and their original material that may be flavored with elements of Asia, Africa, Brazil and the blues.

Artist: Martin Kerr
Martin Kerr performs across Canada and around the world. His intelligent, soulful style is compared to Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens and James Taylor.  He has reached millions on Canadian Idol and BBC World radio,
and with his character education songs in schools around the world.

Artist: Kevin Locke
Kevin Locke (Lakota name: Tȟokéya Inážiŋ, meaning "The First to Arise") is Lakota (Hunkpapa band) and Anishinaabe. He is a preeminent player of the Native American flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. He is most known for his hoop dance, The Hoop of Life.

Artist: Red Grammer
Red Grammer is one of the premier entertainers of children and families in America. Described by Parent’s Magazine as “the best voice in children’s music” Red has set the gold standard for writing and performing music that that playfully reconnects each one of us with the best in ourselves.

Artist: Shadi Toloui-Wallace
Australian singer and composer Shadi Toloui-Wallace aims to uplift hearts through her music and singing.

Artist: Paul Seaforth
Paul has loved and played jazz since his youth.  He has performed in many countries Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and in Central America, as well as all around the United States. Paul has had the honor of performing in Carnegie Hall in New York City, America’s premier concert hall, and in   Tchaikovsky Hall, Russia’s famed venue.

Artist: Cheng Lin

At the early age of 13, Cheng Lin released her debut album and became the most successful vocalist of her generation, achieving superstar status in China. To date, she has sold more than 25 million albums in Asia and has become a cultural phenomenon.

Artist: Eric Dozier and One Human Family Gospel Choir
Celebrate the oneness of humanity with One Human Family Workshop Choirs, a program of One Human Family Workshops, Inc. (OHF) is a multi-faith, multi-cultural organization dedicated to the principle that there is only one race - the human race, and one family, the human family.

Artist: Eco Del Sur
Eco Del Sur  is the name of this musical ensemble, which consists of Latin American artists from various musical backgrounds who are united to explore and perform ancient Andean music as well as contemporary music from different Latin American regions. Eco Del Sur was founded in Spring 2000 and the first album was produced in Fall 2001.

Artist: Voices of Bahá


The Voices of Bahá is a group of dedicated singers and musicians from all parts of the world, who for sixteen years, in more than thirty countries, have delighted audiences in auditoriums such as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Mozart Concert House in Vienna, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow and dozens of other fine venues spanning four continents.

Artist: Ed Vandendool
Ed is a singer/songwriter from Western Ontario who has performed extensively throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada. He has appeared at Hamilton's Festival of Friends, Owen Sound's Summerfolk, The White Oaks Festival in Oakville, and the Octoberfolk Festival held in Brantford.

Artist: Grupo A Dos Manos & Joel Sanchez

Toman café en el Galpón de la Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, se les ve una que otra vez bebiendo cerveza en Atahualpas o el Pavo, sin embargo, su vida transcurre con la vena musical, con la nueva canción latinoamericana, con aquella que además de ser comprometida con las causas sociales, guarda relación con el interés de alegrar a las personas que la escuchan.

Artist: Stephen Zaat

Stephen Zaat of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada Steve Zaat and other talented players from the Maritime Provinces


Artist: Arlon Bennett

Arlon Bennett is an Americana songsmith writing songs that recall Harry Chapin and vintage James Taylor, but with an eloquence, honesty, and sense of humor all his own.

Artist: Kimia
KIMIA : Pierre, Albert, Emma , Eliane, Medard, Clave, Aristide et Asbjorn - NORVEGE

Artist: Gyenyame

Gyenyame /jin-yami/ - Its name the ancient adinkra of Ghana, its meaning 'only God'. Its words from the world's great spiritual traditions, its sounds from the classical traditions of Iran, the rhythms of Africa and its fusion with the West. Its mission to make the mystical real, its destination unity.

Artist: Light in The Darkness

It all started at the Italian National Conference of 1988, many of us were actively involved for many years with music or arts in general (some of the members were members of the theatrical group "Il risveglio"), so some members of the institutions suggested us to put our talents together and form a real musical group, something organized. The first step was to inform who might have been interested, and in few weeks there was a group of more than 30 people who singed up who met first in Perugia.

Artist: The Smith & Dragoman Band

The singer-songwriter duo, Brett Smith & Michael Dragoman began performing music together in the mid 90's in Guelph, Ontario. Their music, largely folk-based at the time, has gradually evolved into the genre of world music incorporating sounds and rhythms from Africa, the Middle East and traditional sounds from the West. Instruments used in their music include duduks, Turkish drums, dulcimers, djembes, ouds, wooden flutes, guitars and pianos, among other instruments.

Artist: Katherine Ann Fiero
Born in Buffalo, New York, USA, Katherine (Kathie)  Ann Fiero began studying the piano at 6 years old, the cello at 8 years, and the harp at 12. During the summers of 1968 and 1970, received scholarships to study harp at National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan. In 1972, graduated from State University of NY at Fredonai in Music Education, where she studied with Portuguese harpist, Mario Falcao. Afterwards, she studied with Professor Alice Chalifoux of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Artist: Jose Rafael Amador
The only way to achieve it will link through ultimate and musical form of ripples in the colors blue, green, orange and decorated with musical notes in a spiral and mixed with liquid mercury makes its appearance Percival ... and share a dimensional range of doors, rich in gems and full of light and values of a magic consistency in this way giving the coordinates for your arrival.

Artist: Elika Mahony

Vocalist, composer, pianist, and artist, Elika considers herself a world citizen; her parents are from Iran, she was born in the US, raised in Kenya, and now lives in China. Elika’s love of music began when she was a child growing up in Africa. In between she has lived in Israel and Hong Kong. Her music beautifully expresses the diverse cultures that have been a part of her upbringing, blending and reflecting the influences of this varied background, drawing upon classical Western structures but incorporating instrumentation and styles from Iran to Ireland and China to Spain.

Artist: Chris Ruhe (New York)

Chris Ruhe, award-winning, singer-songwriter, is a blues/jazz musician who grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, where he absorbed the music that still animates him. His first group, the Night Riders, a larval rock'n'roll group, played around the bars of Kansas City in the late '50's. Later he moved to 60's California where he played with the band that became Creedance Clearwater Revival.

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