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What is Agile Project Management? - Trump - 01-29-2024

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile project management is a methodology that focuses on breaking the larger project lifecycle into more approachable portions of time and smaller tasks. Rather than delivering project deliverables and products at the conclusion of a project, Agile project management prioritizes the delivery of a working product throughout the process, allowing the project team and stakeholders to work closely together during the course of the project execution while providing feedback—not just during the project post-mortem.

Compared to other more traditional methods of project management, Agile project management is less rigid, which gives teams the ability to pivot in new directions as needed and adapt to changing circumstances or project needs

Comparing Agile to Traditional Project Management

Agile vs Waterfall: Fast Facts
Agile and Waterfall are two of the most well-recognized project management methodologies today. The two methods are often referenced as opposites, but the relationship between Waterfall and Agile is more complex than that.

Here are a few fast facts about Agile and Waterfall:

The Agile methodology was created as a response to some of the limitations that fast-moving project teams faced when navigating projects using more traditional methods, namely, Waterfall.
Teams are not exclusively limited to the use of one methodology over another. While one project may require the rigid structure of Waterfall, another may require the flexibility of Agile.
Moreover, hybrid approaches are possible in project management. In select circumstances, project teams may find great success in combining specific guidelines from Waterfall and Agile.
Overall, there are 6 main factors to consider when comparing Agile and Waterfall.